Duke Brothers Horses

“Be A Cowboy For The Day….Or Even Just An Hour!”

We love the time we get to spend with our horses.  There is nothing more relaxing and healing to the body and soul than a ride through the beautiful mountains we are surrounded by.

Many people also share our passion for horses but may not have the ability or desire to care for them full-time.  We want to provide the opportunity to people, especially members of our community, to enjoy horses without the cost and time it takes to care for them.

At Duke Brothers Horses we offer:

  • Riding lessons
  • Monthly/weekly riding specials
  • Beginner rides around the corral
  • Off-trail mountain rides
  • On and off site parties and events


When you arrive at the Duke family ranch we want you to feel part of the family.

The Duke Family

WILL:  Head cowboy, trail guide, and instructor.  His gentle personality is perfect for calming beginning riders.  He grew up on a ranch, roping cattle and knows the Wasatch mountains well.  Anybody who rides with Will loves him and the stories he tells.

SONYA:  Runs the everyday activities of the business. She is also an experienced wedding, party, and event planner and can help with any type of special event.

LIAM (13 years old):  Horse trainer, trail guide, and teacher in training.  He catches and saddles horses everyday after school.  You will be amazed with his knowledge of horses and his ability to ride.

RILEY (9 years old): Catches, feeds and waters, and helps saddle horses.

CODY (4 years old): Helps feed and water the horses.

Jake Duke Picture

JAKE: Cowboy, trail guide and instructor.  A brother to Will, he grew up with horses as well.  Jake is an experienced horse trainer and knows the Heber Valley well.  His easy going personality makes him an enjoyable person to ride with.